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The heart of quality educational supplies without the added expense.

We aim to give educators, institutions, nonprofits, retailers, and co-ops access to high-quality supplies that enhance the learning experience and foster productivity without breaking the bank.

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USA Based Inventory
400+ Unique SKUs

High-quality office supplies

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We Are Committed to Promoting Access to Education.

At E Clips, we recognize the importance of giving back to the communities we serve. We are proud to partner with local schools and organizations to provide supplies for those who need them most. In the spirit of paying it forward, we actively donate to underprivileged schools and support initiatives that promote access to quality education.

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Affordability You Can Count On

At E Clips, our first and foremost mission is to provide top-tier office and school supplies that meet the highest industry standards. We use our 30 years of experience in supplying distributors to offer you the best products directly. This way, we can ensure you get the discount office and school supplies you need without the middleman. Our robust portfolio of high-quality products ensures that businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and individuals can always find what they're looking for.
We're not just a supplier. We’re a partner that you can count on.

  • Office and school stationary store

  • Cost-effective business and school supplies

  • A dependable source for bulk office and school supplies

Why businesses of all sizes come back to us

Our commitment to stellar customer service.

We are here to assist you, answer your queries, and guide your shopping experience towards the best possible outcome. Whether a school teacher sourcing for the classroom, a business needing supplies, or a non-profit organization catering to underprivileged communities, our team is ready to support you.

Affordability that Makes Sense

Our commitment to stellar customer service.
We're committed to providing bulk office supplies at prices that respect your budget. We've leveraged our industry experience and long-standing relationships with manufacturers to offer you the best products without unnecessary markups.

The E Clips team is diverse from the bottom-up

Experienced professionals, with relevant expertise.

We provide quality school & office supplies.

Simcha is the cornerstone of our client relations. From sales to service, he is directly involved in ensuring our customers receive the utmost care and value. Simcha's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction reinforce our mission to provide accessible and affordable supplies without compromising quality.
Lucy Lencinas
Customer Service Specialist
Lucy is our internal and customer-facing product support expert. With over 25 years at E Clips, her deep product knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills ensure that our team and customers have the information and assistance they need. Lucy's dedication to providing outstanding support is crucial in maintaining our high service standards.

Decades of Dedication to Excellence

For over 28 years, E-Clips USA has been synonymous with reliability and quality in the realm of School and Stationery Supplies. Our deep understanding of the importance of every dollar in educational budgets drives us to ensure that each one is spent effectively and efficiently.

We're more than just a supplier; we are a partner who echoes your commitment to Cost-Effectiveness and educational excellence. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through our extensive offerings, ensuring that your selections align perfectly with both your vision and budgetary needs.

Join us in our mission to maximize resources, equip students effectively, and amplify the positive impact on the future of our children. We cherish our bond with The Education Fund and look forward to strengthening this partnership with our exceptional range of products and services

Empowering Education with Quality School Supplies In Bulk

Each order placed with E-Clips USA represents a step towards enhancing education. Every item, from a simple notebook to essential classroom supplies, embodies our commitment to supporting both students and teachers on their educational journey. We aim to significantly impact education through our platform, one order at a time.

For more than 28 years, E-Clips USA has admired and supported the dedication to empowering our future generations. Our efforts are focused on providing unmatched value, allowing organizations, schools, and parents to maximize their budgets and offer more to their students. We believe every dollar saved is a dollar gained in education, and we stand committed to helping you make the most of your educational resources.

School Supplies that Stretch Your Dollars Further

At E-Clips USA, we understand that every item, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in a student's academic journey. We offer a diverse range of products, from basic items like pencils and paper to specialized tools such as scientific calculators and Primary Journals. Our commitment is to provide these essentials at a value that stretches your dollars further, ensuring that your investment in education is both impactful and economical.

E-Clips USA is more than a typical school supply store; we are a partner dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions for your educational needs. Take advantage of our Regular Deals and discounts on a variety of products, ensuring that you always have access to affordable, quality supplies.

E-Clips USA Is Constantly Evolving to Serve You Better

E-Clips USA is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that our service always meets and exceeds your expectations. As a leading provider of School and Office Supplies, we are constantly evolving, embracing new technologies and approaches to enhance your shopping experience.

We're making strides in showcasing our commitment to the environment and future generations. In addition, our Customer Support is continually upgraded to provide you with the most efficient and helpful service possible.

Our advancements are not just limited to products; they extend to the overall shopping experience. From Advanced Self-Service Modules for ease of ordering to an optimized online platform for seamless navigation, we're transforming the way you shop for educational and office essentials.

Step into the future of supply procurement with E-Clips USA, where we combine innovative solutions with our longstanding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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