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Poly Cover

50091: 1 Subject Poly Notebook, Wide-Ruled, 100 Sheets,

50091: 1 Subject Poly Notebook, Wide-Ruled, 100 Sheets,

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  • Stylish Poly Cover Notebook is available in various colors, including Blue, White, Black, and Red.
  • Features a modern spiral design with a durable poly cover.
  • Includes 8 convenient pockets for optimal organization.
  • Comes in a wide-ruled format, perfect for note-taking.
  • Size 11x8.5, providing ample writing space.
  • Sold in bulk for better value.
  • Combines contemporary style with practical utility.
  • Designed for the modern, active student.
  • Durable and long-lasting, designed to withstand daily use.
  • An essential tool for academic success in a trendy package.
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APEX Poly cover 1 subject notebook 100 sheets w/ 2 pocket, wide ruled

If you're searching for a reliable notebook suitable for office use, you've found the right place. Let's delve into poly-covered notebooks, specifically, the APEX Poly cover one subject notebook. These notebooks, with their robust covers, comprehensive ruled paper, and perforated pages, are perfect for various applications. They're popular among schools, non-profit organizations, retailers, office workers, students, and teachers.

Polyethylene, the plastic used in crafting the covers of these notebooks, is a sturdy material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for a notebook cover. Plus, this material is water-resistant, ensuring your notes stay safe from accidental spills in the office.

One-subject notebooks, especially those with comprehensive ruled paper and perforated pages, are a favorite among those who value note-taking. They're compact enough to fit in a briefcase but have enough pages to keep track of a whole project's worth of notes. The wide-ruled paper is also perfect for preventing ink bleeding and ensuring your notes stay clear and legible. The perforated pages allow easy removal when needed, making these notebooks even more practical for office use.

But what sets these notebooks apart from the rest is the pockets. With two pockets, you can easily keep track of loose papers, assignments, and other essential documents. This feature enhances the notebook's accessibility, making it easier to find and store essential papers.

When choosing the best notebook for office use, a poly-covered one is a great option. The water-resistant cover provides protection, the wide-ruled paper offers plenty of writing space and prevents ink bleed, the perforated pages allow easy removal, and the pockets enable easy organization and accessibility. Our products are available on Amazon and at your local Walmart as well!

In conclusion, poly-covered notebooks, like the APEX Poly cover one subject notebook, are a practical and versatile choice for anyone needing a good notebook for office use. Whether you're a student taking notes for class, a teacher planning lessons, an office worker keeping track of project details, or a retailer selling quality products, these notebooks are a great choice. Their ink-friendly, comprehensive ruled paper, water-resistant covers, perforated pages, and pockets for easy accessibility make them an excellent tool for efficient notetaking.

When should one use a 1-subject notebook over a 3 or 5-subject notebook?

One should use a 1-subject notebook over a three or 5-subject notebook when one needs a more compact and portable option. The one subject notebook is ideal for shorter-term notetaking, specific projects, or classes that do not require extensive organization into multiple sections. It's perfect for keeping all notes in one place without the bulk of larger notebooks. On the other hand, three or 5-subject notebooks are better suited for subjects that require categorization or longer-term organization, such as different courses in a semester or comprehensive project planning.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the level of organization and categorization needed for your notetaking needs. If a more concise and streamlined option is what you require, the one subject notebook is your go-to. However, if multiple subjects or projects demand separate sections, a three or 5-subject notebook with dividers would offer better organization and clarity.

Consider the scope of your notetaking requirements to determine which notebook best suits your needs.

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Style Wide-Ruled
Size 11"x8.5"
  • Blue,
  • White,
  • Black,
  • Red
Sheets 100
Package Bulk
Material Poly Cover
Unit per case 36
Shipping time 2 - 5 Days

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