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55898: Jumbo Chalk Set - 12 Pack

55898: Jumbo Chalk Set - 12 Pack

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  • Vibrant set of 12 jumbo sidewalk chalks in assorted colors.
  • Perfect for outdoor arts and crafts, providing a canvas as big as your imagination.
  • Comes in a variety of colors including green, blue, purple, red, and yellow for creative expression.
  • Conveniently packaged in a box for easy storage and transport.
  • Made from high-quality gypsum, ensuring smooth and bright color payoff.
  • Offers a modern twist on traditional sidewalk chalks, encouraging creativity and outdoor play.
  • Easy to handle due to jumbo size, making it perfect for young artists.
  • Eco-friendly and safe for children, providing peace of mind while they create.
  • Ideal for creating sidewalk murals, games, or just doodling for fun.
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Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk, in a Boxed, 12 pcs.

Unleash your creativity and artistic prowess with our Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk. This product, ideal for summer camps, is designed to infuse joy and color into your outdoor activities, whether on the sidewalk, playground, or even asphalt surfaces. Perfect for schools, non-profit organizations, retailers, or students and teachers, this chalk set transforms your surroundings into a vibrant canvas.

One of the main benefits of our Jumbo Chalk is its cost-effectiveness. With 12 pieces in each box, you get a variety of colors, including glitter options, for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, its jumbo size, boasting a large diameter, ensures durability, allowing you to create art without worrying about the chalk breaking or running out quickly. But that's not all. Our chalk is unique for its holder, which ensures your hands stay clean as you draw.

Our Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk, measuring several inches in size, is easy for kids and toddlers to hold and use. It's made from non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for all users. Each box comes with 12 pieces of chalk in different colors, allowing you to create a wide range of art. Plus, it's perfect for chalkboards and blackboards too!

Imagine a sunny afternoon at the summer camp, where kids use our chalk, and perhaps a bit of glue for added creativity, to create a colorful hopscotch on the asphalt. Or a school event where students use our chalk to decorate the pavement with beautiful art. The possibilities are endless with our Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk.

We offer special discounts for bulk orders, making it even more affordable for schools and summer camps. The chalk is available in a variety of colors, ensuring there's something for everyone's taste. Additionally, our company provides excellent customer service, ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

So, why wait? Let your creativity run wild with our Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk. It's not just about drawing lines on the pavement, it's about creating memories. Contact us for more details or view similar products and accessories on our website. Remember, art is where the sidewalk is.

How is jumbo sidewalk chalk different from regular sized chalk?

Jumbo sidewalk chalk is larger in size compared to regular chalk, making it easier to grip and use for creating vibrant sidewalk art. Its larger size also allows for bolder and more visible lines, perfect for outdoor activities and drawing on pavement surfaces.

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Style Sidewalk
  • Green,
  • Blue,
  • Purple,
  • Red,
  • Green,
  • Yellow
Pack 12
Package Box
Material Gypsum
Unit per case 36

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