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Plastic, Lead

14431: Mechanical Pencils 0.7mm with Refills, Pack of 3

14431: Mechanical Pencils 0.7mm with Refills, Pack of 3

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  • Set of 3 stylish mechanical pencils, perfect for a modern, sleek look.
  • Comes with a 0.7mm refill, providing lasting writing utility.
  • Ideal for back-to-school needs and all writing instrument requirements.
  • Pack of three allows for easy sharing or backup options.
  • Durable plastic and lead construction ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Convenient blister packaging, ensuring the product reaches you in perfect condition.
  • A must-have for students, artists, and professionals alike.
  • Combines practicality with contemporary style and appeal.
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Mechanical Pencils, Extra Lead Refills,7mm, 3 Pk.

We are introducing our Mechanical Pencil Set. This is more than just a standard writing tool; it's a vital school and office supply designed with precision and convenience.

These mechanical pencils are ideal for sketching, drawing, graphing, or taking notes. Whether you're a student jotting down your latest classroom learnings, a teacher planning your next lesson, or a professional sketching a new design, these pencils will serve you well. They're also great for retailers looking to stock up on high-quality school supplies.

One of the standout features of these mechanical pencils is their durability. Made with sturdy materials, they can withstand the daily rigors of school or office use. Plus, with extra graphite lead refills included, you won't have to worry about running out of lead in the middle of your work.

Each pencil set comes with three 7mm mechanical pencils and an eraser, making it a cost-effective choice for those who need multiple pencils. Whether buying for a large class, a busy office, or just wanting to have some spares, this pack offers excellent value.

These pencils are also incredibly easy to use. You can extend the graphite lead with a simple click and start writing or drawing. There is no need for a sharpener; click and go. This makes them an excellent choice for students who need to take quick notes in class or professionals who want to maintain their workflow. And with the included eraser, any mistakes can be quickly erased.

In addition to their practical benefits, these mechanical pencils offer a smooth writing experience. The 7mm lead size is ideal for fine detail work, broader strokes, and creating precise graphs, making these pencils versatile for writing and drawing tasks.

We offer special discounts on bulk orders, making it even more affordable for schools, non-profits, and retailers to stock up on these essential supplies. Plus, with various colors available, you can choose the ones that best match your style or branding.

Make the smart choice for your writing and drawing needs. Choose our Mechanical Pencils, Extra Lead Refills,7mm, 3 Pk, Pencil Set with Eraser. It's not just a pen but a tool supporting your creativity and productivity.

What are the different types of refill leads available in the market for mechanical pencils?

There are several types of refill leads available in the market for mechanical pencils, including:

1. HB Lead: This is the most common type of lead and is suitable for general writing and drawing.

2. B Lead: Slightly softer than HB lead, B lead provides a darker and smoother writing experience.

3. H Lead: Harder than HB lead, H lead is ideal for precise and detailed work, such as technical drawing or drafting.

4. 2B/4B/6B Lead: These leads are even softer than B lead, providing even darker and smoother lines. They are commonly used for shading and sketching in art and design work.

5. Colored Lead: These leads come in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing for more creative expression and highlighting in notes or artwork.

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Style 0.7mm
Pack 3 Pack
Package Blister
Material Plastic, Lead
Unit per case 48
Shipping time 2-5 days

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