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Hanging Bag

39648: Gold Thumb Tacks - 200 Pack

39648: Gold Thumb Tacks - 200 Pack

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  • Pack of 200 high-quality, brass-plated thumb tacks.
  • Exudes a modern and stylish appeal with its gold color.
  • Ideal for organizing and hanging items securely.
  • Comes in a convenient, reusable hanging bag.
  • Durable and long-lasting, perfect for everyday use.
  • Combines utility with a sleek, contemporary design.
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Thumb tacks, gold, 200 ct., reusable box

Thumb tacks, a staple in thumbtack office accessories, are invaluable in school and home office settings. They are primarily used to fasten or pin items, such as message notes, memos, or artwork, onto surfaces like cork boards, poster boards, or cubicle walls.

These metallic pins, with their stainless steel points, offer a unique aesthetic appeal that makes your bulletin board or workspace stand out. The gold color of the sharp pin adds a touch of class and visibility to any item you pin up. They come in a reusable box, ensuring an organized and tidy workspace. With a pack size of 200 pcs, they provide the perfect deal, particularly for schools, non-profits, and retailers who frequently need these items in bulk.

Each thumb tack, made of durable metal, can withstand regular use without bending or breaking. The large diameter head and the sharp steel point ensure secure marking and ease of use. The plain design and gold color seamlessly fit into any office or school decor, adding a touch of professionalism.

Customer reviews often highlight the versatility and utility of these thumbtacks. Teachers use them to pin up students' artwork, non-profit organizations display important announcements, and retailers pin price tags or product descriptions onto cork boards. Students find them helpful in pinning study notes or reminders onto their study boards.

Bulk school orders receive special discounts, making these thumbtacks an even more good value option. Our company also provides support services for any queries or issues with our products. Check out our other products as well; we have foam boards, fasteners, and many more stationery items.

These thumbtacks are more than just a fastening tool; they are a decorative addition to any workspace or study area. They are the perfect addition to your office or school supplies. For more details or to view similar products, don't hesitate to contact us. Our products are available on Amazon and your local Walmart as well!

When should one use thumbtacks over push pins?

Consider a few key factors when deciding between thumbtacks and push pins for your corkboard. Thumb tacks offer a more secure hold with larger flat heads, making them ideal for heavier items or materials requiring a firmer grip on a corkboard. They are also easier to remove from the corkboard without causing damage, reducing the risk of leaving holes or marks on the surface.

Push pins, however, can be more challenging to remove from a corkboard and may leave minor puncture marks. Personal preference is critical in choosing between thumbtacks and push pins for your corkboard. Some people prefer the look or feel of one over the other. Thumb tacks are available in metal colors, while push pins come in various colors and designs, allowing for personal style on your corkboard.

Thumbtacks provide a secure hold and easy removal for softer materials like corkboards. At the same time, push pins are better suited for firmer surfaces and offer a sleeker look on a corkboard. Ultimately, the choice between thumbtacks and push pins for your corkboard depends on your needs and preferences.

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  • Gold
Pack 200
Package Hanging Bag
Material Brass-Plated
Unit per case 48

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