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19100: Index Cards, Pack of 100

19100: Index Cards, Pack of 100

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  • Pack of 100 high-quality ruled index cards.
  • Ideal for school, study, and organization needs.
  • Convenient 3x5 size for easy portability.
  • Classic white color for a clean, professional look.
  • Comes in a protective wrap packaging for added durability.
  • Made of sturdy, long-lasting paper material.
  • Perfect for note-taking, flashcards, or DIY projects.
  • Combines practical utility with a modern, minimalist design.
  • A must-have for back-to-school essentials.
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Index cards, 3x5, 100 pk, white, ruled

Let's explore the practicality and elegance of our 3x5, 100-pack white, ruled index cards, which are as versatile as a standard Let's delve into the versatility and elegance of our 3x5, 100-pack white, lined index cards, also known as note cards, which are as multifaceted as a standard pack of cards. These cards are a staple in any office or learning environment, perfect for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, retailers, or students and teachers. They can be used for various purposes, from note-taking to creating flash cards to organizing thoughts and ideas.

What sets this great product apart? It's not only cost-effective but also durable and advantageous. The perfect size of 3x5 inches, akin to a deck of cards, is ideal for jotting down notes, while the header line ensures neat and organized writing. The 100-white index card pack ensures you will be well-stocked for a while.

These study cards are made of thick, robust card stock. The value of the card stock is evident in its sturdiness and durability. They are lined, providing a guide for neat, legible notes. Each pack contains 100 cards, offering an ample supply for your needs. These cards are the ideal width for note-taking, flashcards, or even a quick sketch.

Visualize this: You're studying for a major test or preparing for a night of cribbage or blackjack. You have a mountain of information or strategies to remember. How can you make it manageable? With our blank index cards, you can break down complex topics or game strategies into digestible chunks. Write a question on one side and the answer on the other. Now, you've got a simple, effective study tool or a cheat sheet for your card games.

Or you're planning a significant project. There's a lot to keep track of. Use our note cards to organize your thoughts. Write down each task on a separate card. Now, you can easily see what needs to be done and keep track of your progress.

We offer special discounts for bulk orders, making this an even better value for the excellent price. And remember, we have different sizes available to suit your specific needs.

Our customer service team is always ready to assist. Please reach out if you need clarification on the size or quantity of cards you need or want to know more about our bulk order discounts. Our products are available on Amazon and your local Walmart as well!

Ready to streamline your studying, project planning, or card games? Our 3x5, 100-pack white, lined index cards are just a click away. Add to your cart now and experience the difference they can make.

When should you choose ruled index cards vs unruled ones?

When it comes to choosing between ruled and unruled index cards, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Ruled index cards are perfect for situations where you need structure and organization. The lines provide a guide for neat, legible notes, making them ideal for studying or organizing tasks.

If you prefer a more flexible approach or like to doodle or sketch ideas, then unruled index cards might be the better option for you. They offer more freedom and allow your creativity to flow without any restrictions.

Consider the purpose of your index cards. If you're using them for studying or organizing tasks that require precise, concise notes, the ruled index cards are the way to go. The lines on the cards provide a helpful framework for keeping your thoughts organized and easily readable.

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Style Ruled
Size 3"x5"
  • White
Sheets 100
Package Wrap
Material Paper
Unit per case 72
Shipping time 2-5 Business Days

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