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Jumbo Double Tip: Chisel & Bullet
Double Tip: Chisel & Bullet
  • Yellow

49411: Jumbo Yellow Chisel Highlighters with Double Tip - 3 Pack

49411: Jumbo Yellow Chisel Highlighters with Double Tip - 3 Pack

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  • Jumbo double-tip highlighters, featuring both chisel and bullet tips for versatile highlighting.
  • Comes with bright fluorescent yellow ink for clear and noticeable markings.
  • Available in a convenient 3-pack, ideal for individual use or for sharing.
  • Perfect for students, teachers, office workers, and anyone needing to highlight important information.
  • High-quality ink ensures long-lasting and vibrant markings.
  • Ideal for studying, organizing notes, and preparing presentations.
  • Packaged in a blister pack for protection and easy storage.
  • Made with durable plastic for long-lasting use.
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Fluorescent highlighters, jumbo, double tip: chisel & bullet, 3 pk., yellow

Fluorescent highlighter pens are an essential tool in any school or office setting. These jumbo, double tip pens, available in a pack of three, make important notes stand out. They offer versatility in marking text with one chisel tip and one fine tip.

Based on customer reviews, their cost-effectiveness, durability, and utility set these highlighter pens apart. The ink doesn't smear and is resistant to bleeding, ensuring your notes remain clean and legible. The tank-style design provides a comfortable grip for extended use.

These highlighter pens come in a vibrant neon yellow color, making your marked text pop on the page. Each pen is jumbo-sized for a longer-lasting supply of ink. The dual tip feature offers a chisel tip for broad highlighting and a fine point as a liner for finer details. You get three in each pack, providing excellent value for your money.

In school, students can use these highlighter pens to mark important points in their textbooks, bible, or notes. Teachers can use them to grade papers, highlighting areas of excellence or areas that need improvement. These pens are perfect for marking essential sections in documents or reports in an office setting.

In addition to their practical uses, these highlighter pens are also available in bulk orders, perfect for schools, non-profits, and retailers. The company also offers special discounts on bulk orders.

So, how do you get the most out of these highlighter pens? It's simple. Use the chisel tip for broad highlighting and the fine point for underlining or detailing. And remember, the neon yellow ensures that your marked text stands out, so don't be afraid to highlight to your heart's content.

Contact us for more details or to view similar products; we have pastel highlighters, erasers, crayons, correction fluid, ballpoint pens, and other stationery items and accessories. You can find our products on Amazon or your local Walmart. Make your note-taking or document-reading tasks more accessible and more efficient with these fluorescent highlighter pens.

Why choose a double-tip highlighter over just one?

A double-tip highlighter offers more versatility and flexibility in highlighting. The chisel tip allows for broader strokes, making it ideal for highlighting larger areas or sections. On the other hand, the bullet tip provides finer detailing and precision, allowing you to underline or highlight smaller text or specific details. You have the best of both worlds with a double-tip highlighter, making it a more practical and efficient choice for all your highlighting needs.

Can a jumbo yellow highlighter be used for art, or is it strictly for highlighting text?

A jumbo yellow highlighter can undoubtedly be used for art as well. Its vibrant yellow color can add a pop of brightness to your artwork and create exciting effects. So, don't limit yourself to highlighting text - unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities!

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Style Jumbo Double Tip: Chisel & Bullet
Size Double Tip: Chisel & Bullet
  • Yellow
Pack 3
Package Blister
Material Plastic
Unit per case 24

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