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60971: Stapler

60971: Stapler

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  • Convenient stapler set with a desktop stapler and 500 staples included.
  • Ideal for organizing and fastening papers efficiently.
  • Contemporary design that adds a modern touch to any desk setup.
  • Crafted from durable plastic for long-lasting use.
  • Comes in a compact box, perfect for gifting or personal use.
  • Combines practicality with sleek style for an appealing look.
  • High utility kit for all your paper fastening needs.
  • Easy to use, making it perfect for younger audiences.
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Stapler & 500 staples

Discuss a staple tool in every office, school, and retail store. Yes, we're talking about the heavy-duty stapler and staples. This duo is a fundamental part of any workspace, providing a simple solution to keep your documents organized and secure.

The heavy-duty stapler is designed for durability and longevity, making it a cost-effective choice for any setting. Its robust construction can withstand the rigors of daily use in busy environments. Plus, the included 500 staples ensure you're well-stocked for a significant amount of time.

This stapler is different from your average office supply. It's capable of binding multiple sheets of paper together with ease, thanks to its heavy-duty design. It's perfect for assembling reports, securing necessary documents, or crafting in the classroom. The staples are standard size and compatible with most staplers and staple guns.

The stapler and staples are made from high-quality materials to ensure reliable performance. The stapler features a sturdy metal construction, while the staples are solid wire. Each package includes one heavy-duty stapler and 500 staples, providing excellent value for your money.

Imagine quickly compiling a stack of papers into a neat, manageable bundle. Or effortlessly crafting a classroom project with secure, bound pages. The heavy-duty stapler and staples make these scenarios possible, enhancing productivity and efficiency in any setting.

We offer special discounts on bulk orders, making it an even more affordable option for schools, non-profits, and retailers. Plus, we provide top-notch customer service to assist with any inquiries or issues you may have.

So why wait? Add efficiency and convenience to your daily tasks with our heavy-duty stapler and staples. Contact us for more details or to place an order. 

What are the different types of staplers available in the market?

Various staplers are available to cater to specific needs and usage scenarios. This includes the standard stapler, electric stapler, heavy-duty stapler, and staple guns. The standard stapler, like the ones by Bostitch, is perfect for basic paper stapling needs and is typically found on office desks. 

In addition to staplers, the staple remover is another essential tool. It helps in safely removing staples without causing damage to the documents. Bostitch and Swingline are some popular brands offering sturdy, reliable staple removers. 

Bostitch also offers the Optima line, known for its jam-resistant technology. This ensures a smooth stapling experience without the frustration of staple jams. Furthermore, the width of the staples used in these staplers can vary, making them versatile for different stapling jobs.

For more heavy-duty stapling requirements, staple guns are used. These are often employed in upholstery and construction tasks. A staple gun functions similarly to a hammer, driving the staple into the material with force.

Lastly, electric staplers like those from Swingline provide an effortless stapling experience. They are ideal for high-volume stapling tasks and are a common sight in busy offices. So, whether you're looking for a standard stapler for your desk, like our E-Clips USA Stapler with 500 staples, or a heavy-duty one for industrial use, a wide range of options are available in the market to suit your needs.

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Style Kit
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Package Box
Material Plastic
Unit per case 48

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