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Wide Chisel
  • Black

35635: Wide Chisel Tip Black Permanent Markers - 3 Pack

35635: Wide Chisel Tip Black Permanent Markers - 3 Pack

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  • Pack of 4 jumbo permanent markers in bold black color.
  • Perfect for back-to-school supplies or professional use.
  • Features a wide chisel for broad and fine lines.
  • Convenient 3-pack blister for easy storage and portability.
  • Made of durable plastic for long-lasting use.
  • Ideal for creating strong, permanent markings on various surfaces.
  • Combines practicality with a modern, sleek design.
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Jumbo Permanent markers, wider chisel tip, 3 pk., black ink

Get ready to explore the exceptional utility of our Jumbo Permanent Markers! These office products fall under the category of permanent markers, known for their robust and resilient ink. They are a must-have tool in any school or office setting, making writing, illustrating, or marking easy and efficient.

Our Jumbo Permanent Markers, often referred to as king size, offer numerous benefits that make them a standout choice among similar items in the market. They are cost-effective, durable, and incredibly versatile, so they are perfect for marking a variety of items including sports equipment. The black ink of these markers is waterproof and smudge resistant, ensuring your permanent ink marks last longer without any smudges or fades.

These markers come with a large chisel tip, allowing you to vary your line thickness per your requirement. Whether you want to jot down important points or create a bold illustration, these markers are up to the task. Each pack contains three markers, enough to last a while.

But that's not all! These non-toxic markers make them safe for use even by younger students. They are also ideal for writing on nonporous surfaces like plastic, enhancing their utility.

Imagine using these staples in a classroom setting. A teacher can use them to underline essential points on the whiteboard. In contrast, a student can use them to create eye-catching project boards. They also come in handy in office settings, where they can mark essential documents or create standout presentations.

We offer special discounts on bulk orders, making these markers an excellent choice for schools, non-profits, retailers, or anyone needing a large quantity. Available in other brilliant colors, these markers are easy to hold and write with, even for extended periods.

Our company also provides additional support and services to ensure you get the best experience with our products. So why wait? Make the smart choice and buy our Jumbo Permanent Markers today. You can also contact us for more details or view similar products on our website.

Remember, our Jumbo Permanent Markers are the best choice when it comes to long-lasting, high-quality markers with permanent ink!

How do jumbo permanent markers differ from regular-sized permanent markers?

Jumbo permanent markers differ from regular-sized permanent markers in their larger chisel tip. This allows for bolder and wider lines, making jumbo markers perfect for creating signs, labelling boxes, or any other task that requires clear and easily visible markings.

What is the difference between a chisel tip, a bullet tip, and a fine point marker?

A chisel tip marker, like our Chisel Tip Permanent Markers, has a broad, flat tip that can be used to create both thick and thin lines by adjusting the angle of the marker. A bullet tip marker has a rounded point that produces consistent, medium-sized lines. A fine point marker has a narrow, pointed tip that is ideal for precise and detailed writing or drawing. When it comes to permanent markers, the type of tip can make a big difference in the end result. For example, the chisel tip of a sharpie Permanent Marker allows for versatile strokes and the ability to express oneself in a variety of ways.

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Style Wide Chisel
  • Black
Pack 3
Package Blister
Material Plastic
Unit per case 36

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